Difference Between Lab Grown Diamond and Natural Diamonds

Are you familiar with the term of lab grown diamonds? Yes, lab diamonds are another version of diamonds. The earth is losing its natural beautiful things day by day. But science has always your back. Everyone loves to wear diamond jewelry. But the natural diamonds are hard to get. That’s why scientists are creating artificial diamonds at their lab. Though it looks exactly like real diamonds still there are a lot of differences between these. You must have questions right now, what’s the difference between lab and natural diamonds.

So before choosing a diamond let’s see the difference between them:

Lab Grown Diamonds Vs Natural Diamonds

Before you compare these things, you should know what these are. Well, when scientists grow diamonds at their lab with chemicals and artificial potions, it is called lab grown diamonds or man-made. And the natural one is also from chemicals but it grows naturally on the earth. Both of these are made of carbon but the natural one needs nitrogen when lab diamonds grow without it. Both of these are the same. But when the natural one always attracts everyone’s attention. Besides all these, there are a lot of differences.

Outside look

Though both of are looks like real diamonds but the manmade items are less shiner than the natural one. The natural one is always perfect for jewelry. Because of its shiner and looks gorgeous on anyone’s body. But the lab one is not as shiner as the natural one. Besides, it is less heavy than the natural one.

The market price

Everyone cannot afford natural diamonds. As mentioned, it is rare and if you get it, it will cost you a lot. However, the lab diamonds are cost cheap. It is beautiful and you can get it anywhere on your budget.


The manmade diamonds are way more stable than the natural ones. The main element of diamonds is carbon, but the natural diamonds have nitrogen. But the artificial item has only carbon, which is unbreakable. So, you can use this one for your lifetime.

Lab and natural diamonds, both of these are expensive and demanded in the whole world. So, make your choice, which one you want.

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