Steps For What Is Required To Fix Your Refrigerator

Young Male Technician Checking Refrigerator With Screwdriver

Is your refrigerator troubleshooting? Do the inside of the refrigerator is not getting enough cold? Are there any issues with the temperature or the door is not enough tight? Then your refrigerator is broken and you need to fix it. In this article, we can provide you a guide with which you will know the basic steps of fixing your broken refrigerator. Some issues are easy enough to solve by yourself, but it is okay if you fail to repair them. Many services provide refrigerator repair in Los Angeles.


You may need some basic tools which you typically contain in a toolbox.            

  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Level
  • Hairdryer
  • Vacuum
  • Nut driver
  • Long brush
  • Bristle brush etc. 

Step-1: Check The Evaporator Fan And The Compressor 

The evaporator fan is running or no a lot depends on that. Food compartment getting warm, freezer is not enough cold happens when the evaporator fan is not working properly. If you can hear or feel the air flowing, it is not a problem regarding the evaporator fan but the refrigerator compressor.

Step-2: Clean Condenser Coils

The refrigerator is making a lot of noise, the unit is cycling frequently, the freezer isn’t cold enough then it is a problem with the condenser coil. Clean the dust from the condenser coils with a blow dryer, vacuum, or brush. If it’s still giving trouble invest in a replacement. 

Step-3: Check Drain Hose And Plastic Supply Line

Leaking water on the floor from the fridge happens when the defrost drain is blocked or the water supply becomes clogged or frozen. A buildup of debris can cause clogging in the drain hose by building ice and leaking water. Use a pipe cleaner to unclog the hose. If needed, dismantle the rubber valve from it and wash it with hot water and soap and install it again. Locate shut-off valve, check for problems in the plastic supply line. If it’s torn replace it. 

Step-4: Inspect The Door And The Thermostat 

Check if the door is tight enough or it is loose. Replace the rubber if it is loose. Check the temperature, if the thermostat is faulty frequently.

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