Why is moissanite a rare beauty?

Moissanite is one of the rarest elements ever created in the world. It is a tiny crystal. On the other hand, diamond has only carbon within it. Moissanite has carbon as well as silica within itself. People are continuously comparing diamonds with moissanite. The man-mad diamonds VS moissanite is one of the most discussed topics nowadays. Scientists also create moissanite in labs with a different chemical makeup than diamonds. Lab-made diamonds and lab-made moissanite are both ruling the jewelry industry in their specific way.

Almost all the moissanite that is in the market are lab-made. The rareness speaks for itself in the moissanite, whether it is lab-made or natural. People can only find the natural moissanite in upper mantle rocks and meteorites. The places are also limited where people can get moissanite. That makes the substance more unique. Moreover, the uniqueness extends more with the name ‘space diamond’ because moissanite is called space diamonds for connection to outer space.

The crystalline structure makes moissanite more beautiful. Also, the strongest bond holds the design together. Moissanite can withstand high temperature and pressure because of that covalent bond. It may not be the hardest substance like diamonds, but it is also a lot stronger when it comes to durability. The shininess makes moissanite intense. Whether you want to add glamor with your outfit or go for the minimalistic look, moissanite has always got your back. Moissanite is the only element that sparkles more than even diamonds. It is another reason why moissanite is unique. The high refractive index makes moissanite flashy while having a view under natural light. Moissanite has the so-called rainbow effect as its charming beauty. The distinctive facet maintenance maximizes the brilliance and authenticity of the gemstones. Also, the angles make the hand-cut appropriate.

The rareness of moissanite is keeping on increasing by the time being. With the help of lab scientists, moissanite can reach its peak in creating beautiful pieces of jewelry.

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